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When and How to Use the Outlaw in Valorant

When and How to Use the Outlaw in Valorant

Riot Games has released a brand new weapon in Valorant for the first time in years; the Outlaw. The new sniper rifle weapon might be a welcome addition to many, but after being so used to using the same couple of weapons for so long, we understand that many players might struggle to adapt to the Outlaw, and that's what we're here for.

Today, we're here to go through everything you need to know about the Outlaw in Valorant. This includes what it is, how you can best utilize it, and in what circumstances you should choose it over the other available weapons and sniper rifles.

So, if you want to become a pro at using the Outlaw, keep reading. On the other hand, if you want to become a master then we recommend you use the code "BoostToday" to get a 20% discount on hiring a professional-level Valorant coach from Eloking who can give you some valuable personalized guidance.

What is the Outlaw?

When and How to Use the Outlaw in Valorant - Image 1

Before anything, it's important to highlight what the Outlaw is for those who don't already know. The Outlaw is a Sniper Rifle designed to disrupt the prevailing "light-shield meta" in Valorant. 

Priced at 2,400 credits, it sits between the cost of the Marshal and the more expensive Phantom and Vandal. Boasting high wall penetration and significant damage, the Outlaw is a formidable choice for players seeking a balance between firepower and economy.

With that being said, we're expecting the weapon to get a nerf sooner or later, as players in the higher ranks have already started utilizing the fast shooting and extremely high damage to use it as one would an assault rifle.

The Outlaw Stats

When and How to Use the Outlaw in Valorant - Image 2

Below are all of the stats for the new Valorant weapon; the Outlaw.

Ideal Maps for the Outlaw

When and How to Use the Outlaw in Valorant - Image 3

The Outlaw excels on maps with extensive sightlines and open spaces, allowing players to capitalize on its long-range capabilities. Of course, what sort of teammates you're playing with plays a huge role in whether or not the Outlaw can be properly utilized, as no matter how good a player is, a sniper rifle just can't keep up with multiple close-range enemy agents.

Three maps stand out as ideal for Outlaw usage, and we're about to highlight just why they're so good:


As the most open map in the VALORANT pool, Breeze offers numerous long angles, making it perfect for Outlaw users. Whether on attack or defense, the Outlaw can efficiently deny space and secure picks.


Ascent's long A and B main angles, along with vital mid-map space, make it conducive to Outlaw play. Securing mid is crucial for controlling the map, and the Outlaw can prove invaluable in holding key positions.


Lotus provides optimal sniper angles for the Outlaw, especially on A-Main and C-Long. Proper Outlaw use can control large portions of the map, making it challenging for enemies to push or retake sites.

Best Agents for the Outlaw:

When and How to Use the Outlaw in Valorant - Image 4

Now that you know which maps are ideal for pairing with the Outlaw, it's time to highlight which agents you should play as when using this new weapon. After all, the efficiency of a weapon can be greatly increased thanks to the innate abilities of the following agents:


Jett's mobility makes her an ideal Outlaw user. With her Updraft ability, she can access unpredictable vertical angles for convenient picks. The Tailwind dash allows her to escape quickly after taking a shot, making her a formidable sniper on the battlefield. 

All you have to do is aim, shoot, and dash away if you miss the shot to ensure you don't end up getting taken down in the return fire. It's even better if you have a professional-level teammate watching your back, especially since you can hire one for a 20% discount simply by using the code "BoostToday".


Chamber's teleporter ability synergizes well with the Outlaw. His ability to deny space and hold angles aggressively, coupled with the Trademark trip, allows him to be a potent defender with the Outlaw.

Basically, imagine that you're using his ultimate ability without really using his ultimate ability. If things go south, just teleport away and try again until you eventually start taking the enemy agents down.


Omen's Paranoia and Shrouded Step provide crucial tools for a sniper dealing with close-range combat. Blinding enemies with Paranoia and using Shrouded Step for unexpected angles make Omen a strategic choice for Outlaw users.

After all, this agent also happens to be the featured cover agent for this episode, so maybe Riot was trying to hint at something.


Is the Outlaw a cost-effective choice for players on a budget?

Yes, the Outlaw is strategically priced at 2,400 credits, making it more affordable than higher-tier rifles. Its high damage output and ability to eliminate opponents with light shields in one shot make it a wise buy for players on half-buys and forces.

Which maps suit the Outlaw's long-range capabilities?

Maps like Breeze, Ascent, and Lotus are ideal for the Outlaw due to their open pathways and extensive sightlines. These maps provide ample opportunities for Outlaw users to control space, deny enemy advances, and secure crucial picks.

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