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Our approach to the Customer Feedback & Eloking Reviews


Whether you run a B2B or B2C business, digital agency, or an upcoming boosting website doesn't matter - customer reviews are essential for every business.

This blog will outline why customer reviews are essential for Eloking and our approach to customer feedback and reviews.

Why are the Eloking customer reviews important to us?

Customer reviews are essential because they are a steering wheel for our business. Here at Eloking, we ask for a review from every customer we get. They can tell us about things that are going exceptionally well & about stuff that isn't going so well.

For example, we received a bad review from a customer on Trustpilot a couple of months ago that started with the words "SCAMMED" -

Of course, we didn't scam the customer. Instead, we provided the customer with a boost of three divisions free of charge. But we had to understand why the customer was so enraged that he felt he needed to leave a 1* review with the heading "SCAMMED."

So, we investigated the situation and realized that our onboarding experience was bugged. The expected result was that after a purchase is made, the Eloking website would ask customers to set up their password & then redirect them to the Orders page. But we hadn't thought about situations where a customer would refresh the browser after the purchase. Unfortunately, this is precisely what happened in this case, and the customer couldn't set up their password. Therefore they couldn't access their order.

We quickly got our developer online and fixed the issue, so now, even if a customer would refresh the browser - they would still be asked to set up their password. Amazing - our business and future customer experience got better because Kenny left his review.

Our Approach to Customer Reviews.

If we dumb it down, a business can receive two types of reviews - positive or negative.

Positive reviews.

When we receive a positive review, we firstly thank the customer for leaving the review. They took the time out of their day to write a review, which is fantastic.

Secondly, we look at what went well & celebrate those things. Again, these are small wins for the business & show us that we are on the right track!

Finally, there are times when you can learn from positive reviews. For example, when we started Eloking, we got positive feedback about our customer support. Then, a couple of months ago, it changed, so we worked on a document for our customer support team outlining what is expected and what is excellent service. Now, once again, many reviewers mention our industry-leading customer support team.

Negative reviews.

As mentioned before - negative reviews are most beneficial for any business. You learn from your mistakes a lot more than you do from victories.

Every time we receive a negative review a couple of things happen.

Firstly, Kristaps panics, and Arturs tries to calm him down.

Secondly, we investigate what happened and what went wrong. How can we make sure this never happens again? Let's look at this review left by one of our customers: "Terrible (and constantly) AFK customer service with very inconsiderate boosters." -

What happened here is - we used to monitor Live Chat from 8 AM (GMT+3) to 1 AM (GMT+3). Every morning we would get back to customers who wrote us outside business hours.

After the customer left this review - we cut our spending on development & hired more support agents. Additionally, the reason why the customer reached out to LiveChat in the first place is that he wanted the booster to drop the order. The booster couldn't do that back then & after getting this review, we enabled this feature to all boosters.

Amazing. Situations like these will never happen again & Kristaps will save some of the two nerves he still has left! 💪

Finally, we try to resolve any inconveniences the customer has had with Eloking by offering them a free upgrade to their existing or future orders. This is our way of thanking them for taking the time to write the review!

Eloking improves with every review we get so that we can always be ahead of the competition with our product, customer service & prices.

Thank you! We do hope you select the industry-leading boosting platform Eloking as your partner in crime! 😈

What’s next?

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Alternatively, you can Join our Discord Server & participate in various giveaways!

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