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CS:GO Keeps Tabbing Out? Fixed


CS:GO, is one of the most popular first-person shooter games of all time, providing gamers with an immersive gaming experience. However, nothing takes someone out of that immersion more than when the game keeps tabbing out unexpectedly. After all, this issue can be disruptive, impacting your performance and overall gaming experience.

If your CS:GO keeps tabbing out, the first thing to do is to Identify the cause. Now, there are three common causes for something like this happening, which are a software issue, a hardware issue, or something with your system settings. With the cause identified, the only thing left to do is to solve the issue and get back to gaming.

We’ll be going through every potential fix to your CS:GO game tabbing out unexpectedly.

Understanding What CS:GO Tabbing Out Means

CS:GO tabbing out can be a perplexing issue that leaves players scratching their heads. Picture yourself in the midst of an intense firefight or a critical moment in a match, only to have the game abruptly minimize and lose focus. We don’t know about you guys, but we’d have one broken table and a notice for screaming too much.

This sudden interruption not only disrupts your concentration but also puts you at a disadvantage against opponents who are fully engaged in the game. In a game like CS:GO where every moment is a critical one, one tabbing out incident can lead to you losing the entire round.

Now, it’s understandable that CS:GO might have a lot of glitches and issues like the one that stops bots from moving or spawning and the one that stops you from changing the aspect ratio. However, this alt tabbing issue is almost always because of something with your PC as opposed to something on Valve’s side.

Fixing the Issue

To delve deeper into this problem, it's essential to understand that CS:GO tabbing out can occur due to a variety of factors. These conflicting problems can cause some issues with your game, leading to the frustrating tabbing out phenomenon. Of course, because of this, the first thing you should do is to identify the root cause of the problem so that you could fix it.

We’ll be going through three of the most common reasons for someone’s CS:GO game tabbing out randomly as well as their fixes below. Hopefully you’ll be able to identify your specific issue and fix it.

1. Conflicting Software

The first potential cause of your CS:GO game tabbing out is something being wrong with your software. Conflicting software can play a significant role in CS:GO tabbing out. Antivirus programs, in particular, are known to occasionally interfere with games and trigger focus loss. It's recommended to check the settings of your antivirus software and create exceptions or exclusions for CS:GO to prevent it from being interrupted.

Additionally, overlays provided by programs like Discord or GeForce Experience, while useful for communication or in-game optimizations, can sometimes cause compatibility issues with CS:GO. Disabling these overlays or adjusting their settings might resolve the tabbing out problem.

2. Hardware Issues

Hardware related problems can also contribute to CS:GO tabbing out. Outdated or malfunctioning peripherals like keyboards or mice may send unintended signals to the computer, causing the game to lose focus. As a matter of fact, the most common reason for the applications of players randomly tabbing out is an issue with their keyboard, more specifically their tabs.

Similarly, graphics card issues or driver conflicts can disrupt the smooth operation of CS:GO. Ensuring that your hardware is up to date and functioning properly can help mitigate these potential causes.

3. System Settings

CS:GO tabbing out can also be influenced by specific system settings or configurations. For instance, if you have a dual monitor setup, clicking on the secondary monitor can inadvertently cause the game to lose focus. It's crucial to ensure that CS:GO is properly configured to run on the desired monitor and adjust your display settings accordingly.

Furthermore, multitasking settings, such as Alt Tabbing frequently or using other keyboard shortcuts during gameplay, can increase the chances of the game tabbing out. Understanding the impact of these settings and modifying them accordingly can help maintain focus and prevent unexpected interruptions.

If the Problem Persists

If your CS:GO still continues to tab out, then the only thing you can realistically do is uninstall and reinstall the application to see if that fixes your problem.

Alternatively, we recommend you switch to the borderless windowed mode when playing the game, as it allows you to switch in and out of the CS:GO application seamlessly. As they say, if you can’t fix it, ensure it hurts you as less as possible.

What’s next?

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