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League of Legends Boosting Prices 2022


Ever since the boosting industry made its debut, League of Legends, in particular, has had the highest number of players looking to boost their account. Something that is to be expected considering the huge monthly players the game has. Of course, with so many trusted sites nowadays that provide high-quality ELO boosting services, it’s easier than ever to do so.

However, as for the prices of said services, it depends on a lot of factors, with the site you’re using to boost your account being the biggest one. Additionally, every rank has different pricing, even if the difference might not necessarily be too much.

What are the average prices of ELO Boost in LOL?

This might sound obvious, but the higher the desired rank, the higher the price gets. The cool thing is that there are some extra services as well, in addition to normal ELO boosting. For example, the option to duo boost, where you can play alongside the booster, or maybe the stream option, where the booster streams the game for you in real-time so you could experience the rank climbing journey yourself.

Of course, there are so many more extra features you can select to go along with your boost, although they do add to the final price. Fortunately, a lot of sites offer some of them for free, such as determining what role the booster has to play or maybe what champion they can use.

To help you all, we researched the prices for ELO boosting on several different sites and came up with an average price for every rank per division. One thing to keep in mind is that the prices of ELO boosts are ever-changing. As such, the prices of, say, 2021 might be drastically different than 2022

The huge jump in price in the later ranks is because of the higher amount of skill it requires to get the job done. The climb to master especially is the most gruesome, and, as such, the price is high enough to compensate for it.

So much so that some players have gone as far as to spend upwards of a thousand dollars to get their accounts ELO boosted to Masters, granted they also included extra features in their service packages.

Average Prices of Rank Boosts

Please bear in mind that all prices mentioned above are made up of the averages we came up with when gathering information from several different sites and, as such, are only estimated values. To make things easier for potential customers, most, if not all, ELO boosting sites have features that allow you to calculate the exact price.

All you have to do is fill in all the necessary information, such as your current rank, your desired rank, your current LP, and whether you’re looking for a solo queue boost or a duo queue. All of these factors are taken into consideration to come to a final price.

Extra Features That Might Affect Prices

Naturally, because the ELO boosting industry is so huge, the best sites have countless requests from people looking to get their accounts boosted. Fortunately, most sites also have an option to make your order a high-priority one. By selecting this option when checking out, the booster will know to complete your order quicker, and, in most cases, you could expect it to be done around twice as fast as it normally would.

However, if you select this, you can expect to pay extra during checkout. Additionally, one element when it comes to how much you have to pay for your boosting services is the currency the site uses. While most of them use dollars or euros, some use a different currency entirely, such as pounds. Although, this isn’t nearly as much of a major price determining aspect as, for example, how much LP (League Points) you’re expected to gain during the first few matches of the boost is.

Finally, maybe the biggest deciding factor on how much the service will cost is the gap between your starting rank and your desired rank. If your account is at Silver IV, and you want to get it boosted to Platinum I, then you’ll have to pay more as compared to, say, a Gold I account holder also seeking a Platinum I boost

Of course, you should, without a doubt, do thorough research when deciding what boosting site to go with. Go through reviews, prices, packages, and the quality of the services the site provides. However, if you’re looking for a trusted site that offers good prices and 24/7 high-quality services, then you don’t have to look any further than Eloking.

What’s next?

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