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League of Legends: Best Season 14 Top Lane Champions

League of Legends: Best Season 14 Top Lane Champions

The top lane in League of Legends is the only lane where the only person you can rely on is yourself. After all, because it's so cut off from the rest of the lanes, your teammates are unlikely to go up there in time to help you in case of trouble. Therefore, it's important to play as a champion who can hold their own without needing anyone so you can climb the upgraded rank system.

Today, we'll be going through five of the absolute best champions you can use in the top lane for League of Legends Season 14. We'll be highlighting their strengths, weaknesses, and what sort of player might prefer to use that champion.

So if you find yourself fighting on the top lane a lot then keep reading because these are the five best top lane champions. If you aren't familiar with any one of these mentioned champions then you can hire a professional-level League of Legends coach from Eloking using the code "BoostToday" for a 20% discount.

#5: Jax

League of Legends: Best Season 14 Top Lane Champions - Image 1

Jax earns his reputation as a top-tier Top Laner due to his exceptional scaling and dueling prowess. As Season 14 unfolds, Jax's strength from the previous season carries over, making him a reliable choice for those aspiring to carry games from the Top Lane. His mid and late-game skirmishing power is unparalleled, allowing him to confidently face off against opponents and emerge victorious in one-on-one encounters. 

Furthermore, Jax's split-pushing capabilities are a game-changer, as he can relentlessly take down towers and exert map pressure when left uncontested. The synergy with the new items introduced in Season 14 further amplifies his effectiveness, providing players with the tools to maximize Jax's potential as a formidable force in the Top Lane.

#4: Fiora

League of Legends: Best Season 14 Top Lane Champions - Image 2

Fiora's prowess in the top lane stems from her incredible dueling capabilities, split-pushing strength, and versatility in all stages of the game. Fiora excels at all-ins, thanks to her passive, Duelist's Dance, which reveals enemy vitals and grants her bonus movement speed. This, combined with her Q, Lunge, allows Fiora to dart in and out of combat, making her a formidable duelist. Her W, Riposte, is a powerful tool that not only blocks enemy abilities but also stuns the attacker if timed correctly, providing her with a significant advantage in trades.

In the mid and late game, Fiora's split-pushing power comes to the forefront. She can swiftly clear waves, take down towers, and apply pressure on side lanes, forcing the enemy team to respond. With the new item changes and adjustments to the top lane terrain, Fiora can capitalize on her strengths even more effectively. 

Additionally, Fiora's ability to isolate and eliminate key targets in team fights makes her a versatile pick that can adapt to various situations. Whether dominating in solo duels or split-pushing to victory, Fiora remains a top contender for top lane dominance in Season 14.

#3: Malphite

League of Legends: Best Season 14 Top Lane Champions - Image 3

Malphite's effectiveness as a top laner in Season 14 can be attributed to his exceptional tankiness, reliable crowd control, and strategic impact in team fights. As a tank, Malphite thrives on absorbing damage for his team, making him a robust presence in the top lane. 

His passive, Granite Shield, provides a shield that scales with his maximum health, granting him durability in trades. Malphite's Q, Seismic Shard, allows him to poke opponents and slow them, making it easier to control the pace of the lane. Moreover, his W, Thunderclap, enhances his trading potential, empowering him to withstand and retaliate against aggressive opponents.

The true power of Malphite unfolds post level 6 with his game-changing Ultimate, Unstoppable Force. This ability enables him to initiate team fights, disrupt enemy formations, and catch opponents off guard. 

When coordinated with his team, Malphite's Ultimate can set the stage for successful engages, turning the tide of battles in their favor. In a meta where team fights and objective control are paramount, Malphite's ability to act as a frontline tank and provide impactful initiations solidifies his standing as a top-tier top laner in Season 14.

#2: Ornn

League of Legends: Best Season 14 Top Lane Champions - Image 4

Ornn emerges as a standout Top Laner in Patch 14.1, showcasing his tankiness, exceptional skirmishing potential, and the ability to impact team fights. His strength lies in winning trades against almost any lane opponent, making him a reliable and versatile pick. As the game progresses, Ornn's impact amplifies significantly. His unique ability to upgrade his allies' items provides a team-wide advantage, enhancing their overall strength. 

The true highlight, however, is his Ultimate, a powerful tool that can disrupt and control the entire enemy team in team fights. Ornn's multifaceted toolkit makes him an invaluable asset in the Top Lane, contributing not only to individual success but also to the overall success of the team.

#1: Illaoi 

League of Legends: Best Season 14 Top Lane Champions - Image 5

Illaoi, the Kraken Priestess, stands out as a formidable and underrated force in the top lane of League of Legends, bringing a unique set of skills and characteristics that make her a solid choice for seasoned players looking to dominate their opponents. One of Illaoi's key strengths lies in her ability to punish opponents for the slightest missteps. 

Her Test of Spirit skill allows her to summon a spirit that, if successfully struck by her abilities, transfers damage back to the enemy champion. This mechanic not only discourages opponents from engaging in unfavorable trades but also makes Illaoi particularly punishing against those who underestimate her positioning and tentacle placements. Her tentacles, scattered throughout the lane, create a zoning effect, making it challenging for enemies to engage without risking significant damage.

Lastly, Illaoi's ability to control objectives and influence team fights cannot be overlooked. When positioned strategically, her ultimate, Leap of Faith, can turn the tables in team fights, applying immense pressure and forcing enemies to reposition. The zoning potential of her tentacles adds an additional layer of control, making it challenging for enemies to contest objectives or engage in favorable team fights.


Why are tanky champions like Ornn and Malphite recommended for the Top Lane in Season 14?

Tanky champions like Ornn and Malphite excel in the Top Lane due to their ability to withstand damage and win trades. They provide valuable utility in team fights and contribute to the overall strength of the team. Ornn's item upgrades and Malphite's disruptive Ultimate make them formidable picks for players seeking durability and impact in the Top Lane.

How do the new item changes in Season 14 benefit champions like Jax and Fiora?

The new item changes in Season 14 offer Jax and Fiora enhanced options to optimize their builds. Jax, with his strong dueling power, can capitalize on these changes to further amplify his split-pushing capabilities. Fiora, known for her all-in potential, benefits from the altered top lane terrain and item adjustments, allowing her to chase down overextended enemies more effectively and dominate throughout all stages of the game.

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