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How to Fix Unable to Join Friends in Overwatch 2


Overwatch 2, the free to play FPS, has taken the world by storm, as it feels like everyone and their mother has been playing it. However, the real fun in the game is when you play with friends. Unfortunately, there’s a pesky bug that stops some players from being able to join the group of their friends because of which they aren’t able to play with them. Luckily, we have a couple of fixes for this problem.

To fix the bug that stops you from joining friends, try checking to see if the server has been overloaded, or if there’s an update you haven’t installed. Alternatively, there are a couple of workarounds that allow you to play with friends, such as joining your friend’s custom or quick play game and having a PC player invite you and your friend.

We’ll be going through various fixes to ensure you’re able to fix this problem as soon as possible and get back to playing with your friends.

Method #1: Check the Server Status

The most common reason for players not being able to join their friend’s party or lobby is that the server is overloaded. After all, we all know how hard it was to even connect to the servers back when the game first launched.

To ensure this isn’t the reason for you not being able to join your friend’s group, check the server status using any third party website. If other players have reported that they’re experiencing similar server issues as you, then you’ve found your reason.

Unfortunately, you can’t do anything in this case except to wait until the servers are operational again. Alternatively, restarting the game and connecting to the servers again might, in some cases, fix this issue.

Method #2: Restart Your Game

Restarting the game and connecting to the server again does more than just fix potential server issues. If you get an error that says you can’t join your friend’s group because you both are on different versions, then the fix is as easy as can be.

Simply restart your game and log in again, at which point you’ll automatically download and install any minor server update or patch that might have popped up while you were already logged in. There shouldn’t be any issue when connecting to your friend’s group if you both are playing on the same game version if you were getting the above mentioned error.

Method #3: Join Using Alternate Means

This might sound like a hassle, but for some players, the only way you’re able to play with your friends is by using alternate methods to join your friend’s group. This usually applies when PS4 and PS5 players are trying to play together but should work for players on other consoles or PC as well.

The first alternate method is having your friend join a quick play match. When the match has been loaded in, you should join the friend’s team and spectate for a while, all the while hoping that someone from the team leaves so you don’t have to spectate the entire match. When the match ends, you and your friend should both simply press the ‘stay as team’ option, and voila! You’ve officially joined your friend’s group.

Another alternate (and quicker) method is to have your friend create a custom game. While the custom game is going on, you should be able to join the game directly from the socials menu (granted, of course, as long as you have the friend added). 

When you’re both in the custom game, simply go to the pause menu, navigate to the socials menu, look for the friend you’re playing with, click on their profile, and select ‘join group’. Now that you both are in the same group, your friend can end the custom game and you two should still be in the same group when you return to the main menu.

Method #4: Download the Same Version (Console Only)

If you’re playing on a PS5 and your friend’s playing on a PS4 (or the other way around) and can join each other, then try playing on the same version of the game. When on the PS store, PS5 players have the option to download and install either the PS4 or PS5 version of Overwatch 2.

By playing on the same version, the whole crossplay aspect of it is removed, making it much easier to play with friends. Many players have claimed that as soon as they made it so everyone involved was playing on the same version of Overwatch 2, they stopped having any problems when joining each other’s parties.

Method #5: Have Someone Else Invite You

If none of the fixes thus far have worked, then the only possible way to play with your friend would be to have someone else invite you. Of course, we’re assuming that you tried inviting your friend too but they weren’t able to join your group either.

If you and your friends are playing on a console, then try having a PC player invite both of you to their group and then leave the group if they don’t want to play with you (and vice versa if you and your friend are PC players). Alternatively, we’ve found that if two friends are in a group already, then if the third friend goes to social, clicks on the friend group, and then selects the ‘join group’ option then the third friend is usually able to join the other two without any problems.

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