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How to Gift A Battle Pass In Valorant 2023


Have you ever gifted a friend or loved one a skin in Riot’s golden goose, League of Legends? Well, in that case, chances are that you might also want to gift your friends the Valorant battle pass. However, unfortunately, gifting someone the Valorant battle pass is much easier said than done.

There’s no official gifting feature in Valorant. Therefore, the only way to gift a friend the Valorant battle pass is to purchase a gift card for Riot Points and give your friend the code on the back. With that being said, Riot has been talking about adding a gifting feature in Valorant for a little over three years at this point, so it might eventually become a reality.

We’re here to go through everything you need to know about gifting the battle pass to friends in Valorant.

How to Gift Battle Pass in Valorant

Now, as we mentioned above, there’s currently no way to gift players the Valorant battle pass. This is rather unfortunate, especially when you consider the fact that League of Legends has had a gifting feature for quite some time now.

Regardless, if you still want to treat someone to the battle pass, then it’s possible to go out and buy a Riot Points gift card. After getting the gift card, you’ll have to scratch the back of the code (or copy the code from the email you received if you ordered it online) and send it to your friend.

Then, your friend will have to:

  1. Launch Valorant on their device
  2. Go to the store and click Purchase RP.
  3. Select the Prepaid Cards payment method.
  4. Enter the pin code sent by you
  5. Press the blue Submit button to complete the transaction.

With the Riot Points added to their account, they will now be able to purchase the battle pass themselves without any issues. We hope they remember to thank you!

How Much Does Valorant Battle Pass Cost

Of course, there’s also the matter of how many Valorant Riot Points you’ll have to gift your friend if you want them to be able to buy the battle pass. Well, every single battle pass in Valorant costs 1000 Riot Points. This means that buying a $10 gift card and giving it to your friend should be more than enough.

Alternatively, depending on where you live, you might also have to pay extra for tax, delivery, or any other cost. Therefore, be sure to search around a little to see where you can get the $10 Riot Points gift card for exactly that amount.

Will Riot Add a Gift Feature in Valorant

So, will Riot Games ever be adding a gift feature in Valorant? Well, the thing is that these guys have been talking about adding a gifting feature for a while now. However, they have yet to follow up on their claim.

To be specific, they commented back in 2020 that they wanted to add a way for players to gift things to each other, just like how League of Legends players can do. According to the spokesperson, “We're going to enable gifting for skins and battle passes. It'll be a bit before we're able to get to it, but it is something we intend to do.”

As for how long it’ll be taking to bring this feature to the game, we really don’t know. It could either be this year, the next year or even never. Therefore, we recommend you just give some Riot Points to the friend you want to gift the battle pas to. Hey, if you don’t have too many Valorant playing friends then you can always join these 25 Valorant discord servers.

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