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Is CS2 the Death of Valorant?


With Counter Strike 2 on the horizon, FPS players have been wondering if CS2 would mean that Valorant will soon be dead. After all, many are of the assumption that Valorant only got popular because there hadn’t been any new counter strike game. However, is that really the truth, and will Valorant really die because of CS2?

CS2 will not lead to the death of Valorant. There are multiple reasons we believe this. For starters, Valorant is still getting constant updates and has a different team of developers behind it when compared to CS2. Additionally, there are multiple reasons Valorant is different from CS2, and therefore has a different dedicated fanbase.

We’ll be going through several reasons supporting why we do not believe CS2 is the death of Valorant.

Why Valorant Will Not Die

Below you’ll see multiple reasons why we believe Valorant, Riot Games’ FPS prodigy, won’t be going anywhere any time soon.

It Has a Veteran Team of Developers Behind It

The first reason CS2 shouldn’t affect Valorant all that much is the fact that Valorant has a dedicated team of developers behind it, and all of them are completely different from Valve, the team behind CS2. 

Many players forget, but the fact of the matter is that Riot Games, the team behind Valorant, is comparable to some of the gaming industry’s giants. Not only have they developed the insanely popular MOBA League of Legends, but they also have several other mediums of entertainment they have branched out to. 

Therefore, the rise of competition is something the seasoned developer team should already be pretty familiar with. Remember how many MOBAs popped up to follow the success of League of Legends, for example? Well, League is still standing and as popular as ever, and we have o doubt that Valorant will be the same.

It is Still Getting Updates

Not only is Valorant striving from an active player base point of view, but it’s also getting consistent updates. Being in Act 6 now, the team behind Valorant has already commented on how they have no intentions of stopping their frequent updates any time soon.

With every major update of Valorant being something for fans to look forward to, it wouldn’t make sense for them to jump ship just because a new game comes out. Even though Counter Strike is a series loved by many in the gaming community, they haven’t ever been known for being frequent with their updates, now, have they?

It Has a Very Dedicated Fan Base

Perhaps the second biggest reason we believe Valorant won’t be going anywhere is the fact that it has a REALLY dedicated fan base currently. Not only are there a bunch of current players, with over 20 million active players tuning in to play every single month, but there are many popular streamers and content creators that depend on Valorant to create content.

With all these content creators also reaching millions of viewers every month, the general interest in Valorant won’t be going anywhere. As you know, a lack if interest is the number one reason for a game dying. As long as players continue playing Valorant, and content related to this game keeps being made, the game won’t be going anywhere.

It Has Features That Are Fundamentally Different

Valorant and CS2 might both be FPS games that are free to play and can only be played on computer devices, but there are still some major differences. You don’t have to look any further than the fact that there are unique agents in Valorant as opposed to the nameless team members of CS2.

Every Agent has their own backstory, personality, and unique abilities that make them likable or unlikeable by different people. Therefore, players are able to make a deeper connection with the characters, something that is completely nonexistent in CS2, or any counter strike game for that matter.

Additionally, speaking of abilities, how could we forget that Valorant also has an ability feature? CS2 is as grounded as can be, but Valorant gets a little imaginative with walls coming up out of nowhere and characters teleporting from one place to another. With differences this big, players have an incentive to play both games.

CS2 Isn’t Valorant’s First Competitor

Hey, remember when some people were claiming that Overwatch 2 was going to be the death of Valorant? That’s right, we remember. The biggest reason we believe CS2 won’t be the death of Valorant is that this isn’t the first time Riot’s FPS has been matched up against a direct competitor.

Valorant has always been described as “CS meets Overwatch”, so when Overwatch 2, the sequel to one of the biggest FPS games of all time was announced, several players were assuming that Valorant was going to be overshadowed by Blizzard’s golden child. However, that wasn’t the case.

Valorant kept doing its own thing, and Overwatch 2’s hype came and left. Now, while Overwatch 2 is far from being dead, Valorant is consistently beating it in current monthly players and we expect the same to happen with CS2.

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