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League of Legends: New Skarner Rework - Abilities and Gameplay Changes

League of Legends: New Skarner Rework - Abilities and Gameplay Changes

After months of cryptic teasers, release rumors, and periodical splash art reveals, the wait is finally over! Skarner, the Crystal Vanguard, has undergone a long-awaited transformation, emerging from the sands with a vengeance. While the anticipation has been agonizing, judging by his reworked abilities, it seems the wait was absolutely worth it.

This article will dive deep into the details of Skarner's impressive new kit. We'll explore each of his abilities, unpacking their functionalities and strategic applications. We'll also discuss the impact of these changes on Skarner's gameplay, considering his potential role flexibility and build options. 

Now that the Skarner rework is live on the Public Beta Environment (PBE), let us break down all his abilities and gameplay changes below:

Role and Build Flexibility

League of Legends: New Skarner Rework - Abilities and Gameplay Changes - Image 1

While Skarner's primary role remains a jungler, Riot has hinted at some potential for him in the Top Lane as well. Build-wise, you can still choose between an AD fighter, a tank, or even a combination of both. However, AP Skarner doesn't seem to be a viable option this time around.

Crowd Control Master

Get ready for some serious lockdown! This new Skarner is all about crowd control. All four of his abilities have CC effects, with three boasting area-of-effect (AOE) applications. This makes him a nightmare for enemy teams in team fights, allowing him to disrupt their strategies and turn the tide of battle.

Skarner Reworked Abilities

League of Legends: New Skarner Rework - Abilities and Gameplay Changes - Image 2

This is the part we all have been waiting for, the exciting new Skarner abilities. Let's take a look:

Passive - Threads of Vibration 

Skarner's basic attacks, Q, and ultimate apply "Quaking" to enemies. Enemies with three stacks of Quaking take damage over time as a percentage of their maximum health.

Q - Shattered Earth/Upheaval

Skarner rips a rock from the ground, empowering his next three basic attacks with bonus damage, range, and attack speed. The third attack slams the rock into the target, slowing them and dealing significant bonus damage. This ability can also be re-cast to throw the rock as a projectile, potentially even through walls, dealing damage and slowing the first enemy hit.

W - Seismic Bastion 

Skarner gains a shield and slams into the ground, creating a shockwave that damages and slows nearby enemies. Simple and effective!

E - Ixtal's Impact 

Skarner charges forward, ignoring terrain (walls and such!), and grabs the first enemy champion or large monster he collides with. He can then carry them a short distance, damaging and stunning them if they collide with the terrain. 

This ability functions similarly to champions like Nunu & Willump (W) or Sion (ultimate), but with the added bonus of going through walls. Be aware though, enemies will see an indicator showing Skarner's approach, similar to Kayn. Enemy crowd control (stuns) can also stop this ability.

R (Ultimate) - Impale

League of Legends: New Skarner Rework - Abilities and Gameplay Changes - Image 3

Skarner impales up to three enemy champions, damaging and suppressing them all. He gains bonus movement speed for a short duration and carries them with him until the effect ends. Unlike the old Skarner ultimate, enemies are now locked to Skarner and cannot be repositioned mid-ult. 

However, they can still be pulled through walls. It's important to note that Skarner can only use his W ability while using his ultimate. Flashing during the ultimate is also disabled.

New Skarner, New Strategies

With his impressive crowd control and unique engage tools (especially the wall-ignoring E), Skarner is poised to excel in team fights. Plan out some creative flanks to surprise the enemy backline or catch unsuspecting champions off guard with Ixtal's Impact. Be warned, immobile carries will have a rough time against this new and improved crystal scorpion!

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Overall, this Skarner rework seems to be a lot of fun, offering a unique blend of crowd control, engage potential, and strategic flexibility. We can't wait to see how Skarner players adapt and unleash the terror of the Crystal Scar upon their enemies!


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