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Valorant: Best Astra Setups for Ascent

Valorant: Best Astra Setups for Ascent

Ascent, with its unique layout and strategic possibilities, demands precise control from agents. Astra, the cosmic controller, proves to be a valuable asset on this map. However, players need to first memorize the best setup spots for Astra's unique abilities that can help them get a competitive advantage against the enemy.

To ensure all of you are able to efficiently use Astra in the Ascent map, we're here with six of the best setups for her. These setups include two for attack, two for defending, and two for setting up her ultimate to ensure your teammates are able to make full use of the opportunities you create to win the round.

So, without further ado, here are the best setups for Astra in Ascent. If you don't have the reliable teammates required to make full use of Astra's abilities, then you can always hire a professional-level teammate from Eloking using the code "BoostToday" to get a 20% discount. Playing with a professional has never been so easy!

Astra's Cosmic Mastery on Ascent

Astra character from a video game with a glowing purple interface

In the cosmic ballet of Ascent, Astra emerges as a pivotal agent, weaving celestial control over the map's nuanced terrain. Ascent, with its distinct layout and verticality, poses unique challenges that Astra gracefully addresses. The intricate architecture and multiple pathways demand a controller who can command both the skies and the ground, making Astra's cosmic abilities exceptionally potent. 

Whether orchestrating attacks with precision or fortifying defensive lines, Astra's versatility on Ascent unveils a celestial tapestry of possibilities. The ability to manipulate space and disrupt opponents' strategies grants Astra a distinctive edge, allowing teams to navigate the complexities of Ascent with strategic finesse. As a matter of fact, the concept of these setups can also be used for the best Astra setups for Pearl.

As the cosmic conductor of this dynamic map, Astra's presence on Ascent transforms the battlefield into a symphony of control and unpredictability. If you don't know how to efficiently use Astra's technical abilities then there's the option to have a professional coach from Eloking show you the ropes. You can even use the code "BoostToday" to get a 20% discount on this and all other Eloking services.

Best Attacking Setups on Ascent

First and foremost, let's explore the two optimal lineups specifically crafted for Astra when taking on the role of an attacker on the map Ascent. These lineups are strategically devised to aid you in planning your assault efficiently, guaranteeing a safe and effective approach to the bomb site while minimizing the risk of encountering enemy interference.

Attacking A Site

Player navigating a a sunlit courtyard in a first-person shooter game

Attacking A site in Ascent demands precision and strategic use of Astra's abilities. This setup focuses on creating an advantageous scenario for your team by utilizing well-placed smokes and stuns.

To efficiently execute this setup:

  1. Deploy a smoke on Heaven and Door, strategically covering key sightlines.
  2. Utilize a stun toward Generator or green boxes to disrupt and disorient defenders.

The emphasis here is on creating an obscured entry path through carefully placed smokes on Heaven and Door. This denies defenders clear vision and control over A site, allowing your team to execute plays with greater efficiency. Additionally, the stun towards Generator or green boxes serves to disrupt any defenders in these positions, providing your team with a tactical advantage during the assault.

Executing B Site

First-person view of a multiplayer shooter game with a pistol equipped

B Site on Ascent requires a methodical approach, and Astra's abilities can be instrumental in executing successful plays. This setup prioritizes essential smokes and stuns to facilitate a smooth entry into B site.

To efficiently execute this setup:

  1. Smoke Market and CT, creating a necessary visual barrier for the push.
  2. Use a stun on stairs or lane to manage early or close peekers effectively.

The fundamental smokes on Market and CT are non-negotiable, providing essential cover for the attacking team. The key to success lies in the strategic use of the stun, either on stairs or lane, depending on the anticipated enemy positions. This serves a dual purpose: managing early or close peekers and creating an opportunity for your team to gain control over B site with minimal resistance. Adaptability is key, and this setup offers the flexibility needed for effective B site executions on Ascent.

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Best Defending Setups on Ascent

Having covered the attacking strategies, let's delve into two defensive lineups specifically designed for Ascent. These setups are invaluable for gathering crucial intel on the enemy's approach direction, emphasizing the importance of teamwork. 

Elevate your defensive gameplay on Ascent with these strategic lineups, and for an added advantage, consider partnering with a professional teammate from Eloking using code "BoostToday" for a 20% discount.

1. Defending A Site

Futuristic purple gaming interface with tactical UI elements

Defending A site as Astra requires a strategic approach to disrupt enemy executes and gather valuable information. This setup focuses on controlling A main and short, denying easy access to attackers.

To efficiently execute this setup:

  1. Stand in a safe spot in A heaven.
  2. Deploy a star on the little wall in A lobby to create a one-way smoke.
  3. Use a stun or pull to hold A main, forcing enemy utility usage.
  4. Smoke short to cover potential A split strategies.

This setup leverages Astra's ability to control A main and short effectively. Placing a star on the A lobby's little wall creates a one-way smoke, granting you vision while denying the same to attackers. Using a stun or pull in A main ensures a prolonged defense and forces enemies to expend valuable utility. Additionally, smoking short anticipates potential A split plays, providing a well-rounded defense for A site.

2. A Main Control Defense

Digitally rendered charming European street with cobblestones and quaint buildings

Controlling A main is crucial in defending A site on Ascent. This setup aims to maintain dominance over A main, restricting enemy movement and forcing attackers to reveal their intentions.

To efficiently execute this setup:

  1. Find a safe position to oversee A main from heaven.
  2. Deploy a star on top of the little wall in A lobby.
  3. Use a stun or pull to hold A main, creating a formidable obstacle for attackers.
  4. Smoke short to cover potential A split approaches.

Playing for A main control demands a calculated approach. Placing a star on the A lobby's little wall creates a one-way smoke, offering you a vantage point while making it challenging for attackers. Utilizing a stun or pull in A main disrupts enemy pushes and forces them to use utility early. Additionally, smoking short anticipates any A split attempts, providing a comprehensive defense against various strategies. This setup emphasizes Astra's role as a versatile controller on the defending side of Ascent.

Best Ultimate Setups on Ascent

While we've delved into site retake strategies using lineups in past guides, the focus shifts on Ascent, where Astra's utility usage for retaking sites proves challenging. In light of this, we'll exclusively explore two ultimate setups tailored for Ascent.

Navigating Astra's ultimate may initially seem perplexing, making it advisable to seek guidance from a seasoned coach. Consider enlisting the expertise of a professional-level coach through Eloking, and with the code "BoostToday," enjoy a 20% discount on valuable insights for mastering Astra's capabilities on Ascent.

Ultimate for B Site

Futuristic video game scene with neon colors and strategy map

Astra's ultimate ability, the Cosmic Divide, can be a game-changer when retaking B site on Ascent. This setup provides a strategic use of her ultimate to create a safe path for your team into B site while disrupting the enemy's defense.

To efficiently execute this setup:

  1. Deploy your ultimate to cover the entire B site.
  2. Simultaneously use a stun on stairs or close positions to deter any enemy advances.

The ultimate for B site sets the stage for a controlled retake. By placing the Cosmic Divide, you create a massive wall blocking sounds and bullets, allowing your team to move into B site without immediate retaliation. Pairing this with a stun on stairs or close positions ensures that enemies are discouraged from holding those angles, providing a secure entry point for your team.

Ultimate for A Site

Futuristic video game interface with neon colors and player's hand with energy

Astra's ultimate can be effectively utilized for an orchestrated play on A site. This setup involves using the Cosmic Divide in conjunction with smokes and stuns to create chaos for the defenders and secure control over A site.

To efficiently execute this setup:

  1. Deploy the Cosmic Divide to cover A site.
  2. Simultaneously use a star to smoke short and a stun behind the smoke while ulting against Heaven.

The ultimate for A site disrupts the typical sightlines and defensive positions. By placing the Cosmic Divide strategically, you create confusion for defenders and limit their ability to respond effectively. Simultaneously smoking short and stunning behind the smoke ensures a smooth execution through site while minimizing the risk of enemy counterattacks from Heaven. This setup is ideal for coordinated pushes that capitalize on the disorientation caused by Astra's ultimate.


Can these Astra setups be used in lower ranks, or are they more suitable for higher-level play?

These Astra setups are versatile and can be adapted to various skill levels. While they may require practice for optimal execution, players of all ranks can benefit from incorporating these strategies into their gameplay.

Are these Astra setups effective in solo queue, or do they require coordinated team communication?

Answer: While coordinated team communication can enhance the effectiveness of these setups, Astra's abilities provide versatility for solo queue play as well. Players can communicate intentions through pings and adapt these setups to suit the dynamics of their team compositions.

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