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League of Legends: 10 Best Champs to Play in Nexus Blitz

League of Legends: 10 Best Champs to Play in Nexus Blitz

Riot Games has brought us the much awaited Nexus Blitz game mode again after around three years and the fanbase couldn't be any happier. However, since the game has seen a lot of change when compared to how it was when this mode first came out, it's only natural that the meta of best champions to play as will change too.

The best champions to play in League of Legends Blitz mode are Brand, Kog'Maw, Teemo, Kayle, and Maokai. All five of these champions have the highest win percentage and seem to be dominating the meta. To ensure there's some flexibility, we'll be going through the ten best champions to play in nexus Blitz.

So, if you also want to dominate Nexus Blitz then we suggest you use these five champions to gain an edge over the opposition.

1. Brand (Win Percentage: 59.6%)
A mystical wizard casting a spell surrounded by blue and purple energy

Brand, the fiery burst mage, takes the top spot with an impressive win percentage of 59.6%. His AoE (Area of Effect) damage, crowd control, and teamfight presence make him a formidable choice in Nexus Blitz. 

High AoE Damage: Brand's abilities, such as his passive Blaze, Sear, and Pillar of Flame, deal significant area damage. In the chaos of Nexus Blitz, this is invaluable for team fights and events.

Crowd Control: His skill, Sejuani, provides crowd control with a stun, making him effective in controlling skirmishes.

Teamfight Presence: Brand's ultimate, Pyroclasm, can quickly turn the tide of a battle by bouncing between multiple enemies, potentially wiping out an entire team.

Late-Game Power: Nexus Blitz is known for its shorter matches, but Brand's scaling potential ensures he remains impactful even in the late game.

2. Kog'Maw (Win Percentage: 58.9%)
Mystical green dragon emerging from a foggy forest

Kog'Maw, the Living Artillery, secures the second spot with a win percentage of 58.9%. His unique long-range playstyle and consistent damage output make him a powerful choice for Nexus Blitz. 

Long-Range Poke: Kog'Maw's W (Bio-Arcane Barrage) increases his attack range, allowing him to poke enemies from a safe distance during events or skirmishes.

Sustained Damage: His passive, Caustic Spittle, and Bio-Arcane Barrage make him an excellent choice for sustained damage throughout the game.

Teamfight Presence: Kog'Maw's ultimate, Living Artillery, can scout objectives and deal massive damage to enemy champions.

Scalability: Kog'Maw scales well with attack speed and critical strike, making him a formidable late-game threat, even in the fast-paced Nexus Blitz.

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3. Teemo (Win Percentage: 58.3%)
Playful panda flying with a bamboo cannon in a mystical forest

Teemo, the Swift Scout, takes the third spot with a win percentage of 58.3%. His unique abilities, including shrooms and invisibility, make him a tricky and effective champion in Nexus Blitz.:

Map Control: Teemo's ultimate, Noxious Trap (commonly known as shrooms), allows him to control key areas on the map, providing vision and zoning enemies.

Invisibility: Teemo's passive, Guerrilla Warfare, grants him temporary invisibility after standing still for a brief duration, making him a sneaky and elusive champion.

Poke and Harass: Teemo's Q ability, Blinding Dart, is excellent for poking and harassing opponents during events and skirmishes.

Objective Control: Teemo's shrooms can be strategically placed around important objectives like the jungle or capture points, deterring enemy advances.

4. Kayle (Win Percentage: 58.1%)
A fantasy warrior woman with a large spear and celestial wings stands before a spectral dragon

Kayle, the Righteous, is the fourth champion on our list with a win percentage of 58.1%. Her unique scaling and versatile kit make her a strong pick for Nexus Blitz. 

Late-Game Powerhouse: Kayle's passive, Divine Ascent, transforms her into a powerful late-game carry with a unique scaling mechanic.

Versatility: Kayle's kit offers a mix of ranged and melee attacks, allowing her to adapt to different situations during Nexus Blitz events and skirmishes.

AoE Damage: Her E ability, Starfire Spellblade, provides splash damage, which is particularly useful in crowded teamfights.

Invulnerability: Kayle's ultimate, Divine Judgment, can make her or her allies briefly invulnerable, turning the tide of battles.

5. Maokai (Win Percentage: 57.6%)
Mystical forest creature holding a lantern in a dark eerie forest

Maokai, the Twisted Treant, takes the fifth spot with a win percentage of 57.6%. As a tanky and disruptive champion, Maokai excels at controlling the battlefield and leading the charge for his team.

Tankiness: Maokai's passive, Sap Magic, grants him sustain and tankiness during fights, making him a difficult target to take down.

Crowd Control: Maokai's kit includes multiple crowd control abilities, such as Twisted Advance and Nature's Grasp, which can disrupt enemy teams in events and skirmishes.

Area Denial: His E ability, Sapling Toss, can be strategically placed to control choke points or objective areas, creating chaos for the enemy team.

Engage Potential: Maokai's initiation abilities and tankiness make him an ideal champion for leading the charge and initiating teamfights.

6. Zyra (Win Percentage: 57.5%)
Mystical queen with glowing eyes and crown in a dark fantasy setting

Zyra, the Rise of the Thorns, is the sixth-best champion in Nexus Blitz, boasting a win percentage of 57.5%. Zyra is a powerful mage who excels in controlling the battlefield with her plants and area-of-effect abilities.

Plant Control: Zyra's abilities summon plants that can provide vision, deal damage, and disrupt enemy movements during events and teamfights.

Area Denial: Her ultimate, Stranglethorns, creates a zone that knocks up and damages enemies, making it an excellent tool for area denial and crowd control.

Ranged Damage: Zyra's abilities allow her to deal consistent ranged damage, making her a potent threat in skirmishes and events.

7. Seraphine (Win Percentage: 57%)
A fantasy girl riding a magical creature in an epic battle scene

Seraphine, the Starry-Eyed Songstress, secures the seventh position with a win percentage of 57%. She is a versatile mage and support champion with a unique kit that can benefit her team in various ways.

Supportive Abilities: Seraphine's kit includes crowd control, healing, and shields, making her a valuable addition to any team composition in Nexus Blitz.

AoE Damage: Her ultimate, Encore, can hit multiple enemies, providing strong teamfight potential.

Engage and Disengage: Seraphine can engage or disengage fights with her abilities, adding flexibility to her team's strategy during events and skirmishes.

8. Morgana (Win Percentage: 56.8%)
Fantasy sorceress casting spells in a mystical dark setting

Morgana, the Fallen Angel, ranks eighth with a win percentage of 56.8%. She is a powerful mage and support champion known for her crowd control and ability to protect her team.

Crowd Control: Morgana's Dark Binding and Soul Shackles provide strong crowd control and area damage, making her a valuable asset in teamfights and events.

Spell Shield: Her Black Shield can protect allies from crowd control effects, giving her team a significant advantage during skirmishes and battles.

Sustained Damage: Morgana's Tormented Soil can deal consistent damage over time, making her a threat in teamfights and objectives.

9. Samira (Win Percentage: 56.6%)
Dynamic image of a female warrior in fantasy battle

Samira, the Desert Rose, is the ninth-best champion in Nexus Blitz, boasting a win percentage of 56.6%. She is a high-damage marksman known for her ability to combo her skills and deliver powerful attacks.

Versatile Combos: Samira's kit allows her to chain her abilities and basic attacks for a high burst of damage, making her a strong choice in skirmishes and events.

AoE Damage: Her Inferno Trigger ultimate can deal damage to multiple enemies, turning teamfights in her favor.

High Mobility: Samira's dash and movement abilities make her difficult to catch, adding to her survivability during intense skirmishes.

10. Swain (Win Percentage: 56.1%)
Fantasy character with magic powers summoning mystical creatures

Swain, the Noxian Grand General, claims the tenth spot with a win percentage of 56.1%. He is a durable mage with crowd control and sustain abilities, making him a formidable presence in Nexus Blitz.

Crowd Control: Swain's passive abilities, like Nevermove, can root and control enemy champions, providing valuable crowd control during events and teamfights.

Sustain: Swain's ultimate, Demonic Ascension, allows him to sustain himself in fights by draining the life force of enemies.

AoE Damage: Swain's abilities deal area-of-effect damage, making him effective in skirmishes and teamfights.

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