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LoL: Skin Shard Reroll Ultimate Guide

LoL: Skin Shard Reroll Ultimate Guide

If you've been playing League of Legends for a while now, then chances are you'll know just how important champion skins are in the game. After all, there are some players who are willing to splurge an insane amount of real world money just for a CHANCE of acquiring a skin they want. With that being said, one of the best free ways of getting a good skin is by rerolling skin shards.

This is the ultimate guide to everything you need to know about skin shard rerolling in League of Legends. Naturally, not only will you learn what skin shard rerolling is in this game, but you'll also be taught about the chances of acquiring skins of high rarity, including mythic and legendary skins.

So sit back, relax, and maybe grab a snack, because this will be the most in depth guide regarding skin shard rerolling that you'll find anywhere on the internet.

What Is Skin Shard Reroll

Fantasy game user interface displaying various character cards and a mystical central artifact

Before anything, it's crucial that you know just what skin shard rerolling is in League of Legends. When opening chests and certain capsules, you might have noticed yourself getting skin shards from inside them. Well, if you want to change that skin shard into a full skin, you'll first have to pay a hefty amount of orange essence.

Now, if you don't really want that skin or if you don't want to spend orange essence, there's one more thing you can do with your skin shards. When clicking on the skin shard icon, you'll find the option to 'reroll into new skin'. By clicking it, that skin shard will be added to the skin shard reroll screen. 

However, before you can reroll the skin shard, you'll have to add two more skin shards to the cauldron, as the only way to reroll skin shards is by sacrificing three of them. With the three skin shards added, click on the 'reroll' option, and you'll have yourself a brand new random permanent skin.

Why Should You Reroll Your Skin Shards

Screenshot of Battlecast Kog'Maw skin unlock screen in League of Legends

At this point, you might be wondering what even is the use of sacrificing three skin shards for just one random skin shard. Well, instead of getting a skin shard, you'll get a permanent skin, which is much MUCH better than a skin shard. Why? Well, for starters, you don't have to pay any orange essence to claim a permanent skin. Instead, you can simply click on the icon and unlock it for free.

Additionally, while the permanent skin will be completely random, there are a couple of things that make rerolling your skin shards worth it. First of all, the permanent skin you get cannot be a skin that you already have. Therefore, you don't have to worry about getting any duplicates and having to get rid of them.

Secondly, even if you don't like the permanent skin you get, you'll get more orange essence by disenchanting that permanent skin than you would have gotten had you disenchanted the skin shards.

To put it into perspective, below is a table that shows you how much you would get for disenchanting a skin shard based on the RP cost of that skin.

Skin Cost

Shard Disenchant Value (in Orange Essence)


104 Orange Essence


150 Orange Essence


195 Orange Essence


270 Orange Essence


364 Orange Essence

What this means is that, for example, if you have three shards of skins worth 520 Riot Points, then you can get a maximum of 312 orange essence by disenchanting them. However, if you reroll those skins and disenchant the permanent skin you get, you'll make an overall profit as long as the permanent skin you get isn't worth 520 RP.

To make things easier, below is a table with the disenchant value of permanent skins based on the RP cost of the skin.

Skin Cost

Permanent Skin Disenchant Value











As you can see, in most cases, rerolling your skin shards will lead to you profiting even if you don't like the permanent skin you get.

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Is Rerolling Shards Always a Good Idea

Demonblade Tryndamere skin in League of Legends game interface

Now, is rerolling your skins shards always a good idea? Well, not really. While we would definitely recommend you reroll skin shards that you either don't like or cost low in terms of RP, high RP cost skin shards should not be rerolled in most cases.

Skin Shards of Skins Worth 520 or 750 RP

In-game interface showing selection of avatars and skins

Let us look at skin shards of skins worth either 520 or 750. Well, any skin that costs 520 or 750 RP should be used to reroll. This is because these shards disenchant for only 104 and 150 Orange Essence, respectively, which is next to nothing. By rerolling them, you'll have a very good chance of either getting a skin you actually like, or a skin you can disenchant to make a profit on orange essence.

With that being said, it might also be a good idea to convert your 520 skin shards into full skins, as not only do they cost less orange essence, but doing this will also remove a 520 skin from the reroll permanent skin pool. While this will save you from future pain, it will mean you're frequently low on Orange Essence until you've collected most of the nearly 300.

Skin Shards of Skins Worth 975

Interface of an online game showing character selection with a central blue wheel

Skin shards of skins that cost 975 RP are sort of a grey area. While it is usually not recommended that you reroll three 975 skin shards, adding just one 975 skin shard and then mixing in two lower value skin shards is the way to go. This way, not only do you sacrifice less potential orange essence, but there's also a pretty good chance you'll be walking away with a profit at the end of the day.

While we did say rerolling three 975 skin shards is usually not recommended, there are some people who say it's actually what you should do. After all, if you have three 975 skin shards, they are valued at 585 Orange Essence. This falls short of the 975 Orange Essence needed to craft a 975 shard. Nonetheless, it is still more than what the 750 and 520 skins cost.

Ultimately, we return to the same discussion about odds. If your main goal is to unlock as many skins as possible, it is advisable to reroll any unwanted 975 skin shards. As long as the permanent skin it unlocks is valued at 975 RP or more, you will gain more Orange Essence. Of course, there are some exceptions to this matter which make this into a bad deal, such as if you roll a skin you don't like.

However, there is a limit to how much bad luck you can encounter. Once you have unlocked a skin you don't like you won't reroll into that skin again. It operates as an elimination system basically, with every skin you unlock eliminating that skin from the potential skins you can roll. With time, your chances of losing out on Orange Essence diminish, making the exchange more favorable.

Skin Shards of Skins Worth 1350 and Above

Fantasy game character charging into battle with magical weapon

If the skin shards you have are of skins worth 1350 RP or more, then we definitely don't recommend you reroll them under any circumstances. This is because it's too much of a risk and will, in most cases, result in you losing out on more potential orange essence than you gain. The one exception to this is if you already own every skin worth less than 1350, which is not really likely for most people.

We're sure nothing must hurt more than sacrificing three high value skin shards and getting one lousy 520 RP skin for your troubles. Sounds like a supervillain origin story if we've ever heard of one. We bet it hurts even more when you know why League skins are so expensive.

Additionally, some skins in League of Legends are considered limited or legacy, meaning they are no longer available for purchase in the store. Rerolling skin shards provides an opportunity to obtain these rare skins. If you come across limited or legacy skin shards, think carefully before rerolling them. These skins can be highly sought after by collectors and may have significant value.

Reroll Skin Shard Probability

Lunar Beast Fiora Prestige Edition skin in League of Legends interface

Moving on, let us tackle the probability of you getting a skin you want by rerolling your skin shards. One VERY crucial thing to keep in mind is that the probability is always going up and down as new skins are being added to the game while old skins are being removed. Therefore, it's impossible to make one definitive probability list.

With that being said, the rarity and cost of a skin don't matter at all when rerolling skin shards. You have just as much a chance of rolling a skin costing, say, 1820 RP than you do rolling one costing 520. This is the biggest reason so many players choose to hoard as many skins as possible to ensure the skin pool gets smaller until they eventually get skins they want. With a small skin pool and enough luck, it's theoretically possible to get a permanent skin costing 1820 by sacrificing three skin shards of skins costing 520.

Basically, the more skins of a set RP cost, the higher the chance of getting a skin of that cost will be because there will be more of those skins in the skin pool. If there are 7 mythic skins that you don't own yet and only 3 skins costing 520 that you don't own, the chances of you getting a mythic skin by rerolling skin shards will be more than twice that of you getting a skin worth 520 RP.

Skin Shard Reroll Strategies

Odyssey Kayn legendary skin in League of Legends

Now, there are multiple strategies players use to get the most out of their skin shard rerolling. The first is to purchase as many champions as possible. This is because, when rerolling skin shards, there's also the possibility of you getting a skin for a champion you don't even own. In this scenario, you won't be able to unlock it until you unlock the champion. However, by already having the champion, you'll be able to more efficiently determine whether or not you even want to keep the skin.

Additionally, many players also horde as many skin shards as they can without rerolling even once. They do this so they can reroll multiple times at once to increase the chances of them getting a skin they actually like. In the end, they simply reroll the permanent skins they don't like to further keep the chain going until they get skins they actually want.

Excited animal character in a vibrant gaming interface

Finally, while we touched on this a little before, the most efficient but time costing strategy of getting good skins by rerolling is by first owning as many low cost skins as possible. To do this, many players unlock low cost skins every time they get skin shards of those skins. However, there's the fact that this is expensive, both in terms of time and orange essence, so do keep that in mind.

When you run out of skins to roll because you already obtained every single skin in the game, you'll be in for a huge surprise, Instead of getting skins from the store, you'll start getting skins that aren't even available to purchase. These include hextech skins which players otherwise would have to go to great lengths to obtain.

What’s next?

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