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Rarest Tokens to Get In League Of Legends

Rarest Tokens to Get In League Of Legends

There are many challenge tokens that League of Legends players can earn, and all of them have them perform some incredible feats. However, have you ever wondered what the rarest tokens in League of Legends are? After all, with no way to sort your tokens by rarity, it might get a little difficult to determine whether or not any token you have is worth anything in terms of rarity.

Now, there are multiple different tokens players can earn, and a lot of them are considered rare because they're extremely difficult to achieve. We'll be going through some of the rarest tokens, and all of them have been earned by less than 1% of the total player base. Yes, they're that rare.

So, if you've been wondering what some of the rarest tokens in League of Legends are then you've come to the perfect place!

It's My Jungle Now 

Rarest Tokens to Get In League Of Legends - Image 1

The first token we want to go through is 'It's my jungle now.' If you're a VERY good jungler, then you might have already gotten this token. If you have, then you'll be in the less than 1% of people who have been able to take more jungle on the enemy side than the enemy jungler.

As you can imagine, meeting the requirement of this specific challenge is already hard enough. However, instead of doing it only once, players have to get more jungle on the enemy side than the enemy jungler three times and not just once. No wonder only 0.2% of the total players have this token.

Flawless Victory 

Rarest Tokens to Get In League Of Legends - Image 2

Up next is the 'flawless victory' token. To acquire this specific token, you have to play a match without letting the enemy team capture ANY objective. That's right, they can't get the baron, they can't get the Rift Herald, they can't get any dragon, and they can't get a SINGLE turret either.

What makes this challenge so difficult is that it's very dependent on luck. Because most matches have at least one turret of both teams destroyed before the match ends even by surrender, you'll need to either come up against a TERRIBLE team, or your team has to be amazing. Of course, the chances of this can increase tenfold if you hire a professional League of Legends teammate from Eloking to play with you.

Unkillable Demon King

Rarest Tokens to Get In League Of Legends - Image 3

Hey, if you've already read out guide on how to get the unkillable demon king title in League of Legends, you'll already know how difficult it is. Therefore, it's no surprise that not too many players have been able to unlock the token for it, making it one of the rarest tokens in the game.

To summarize, if you want to unlock this specific token, you'll have to win games without dying and with at least 30% kill participation. Additionally, matches played in ARAM do not count toward this title and have to be in the Summoner's Rift.

Team Diff

Rarest Tokens to Get In League Of Legends - Image 4

Here's another token that's extremely difficult to acquire if you don't have a good team with you. To get the 'Team Diff' token, you have to get an ace on the enemy team. Sounds easy enough, right? Well, that ace has to be after the minions spawn but before reaching the 15 minutes mark.

The biggest issue with this is that most champions scale to be strong enough well to ace well after the 15 minutes mark. Therefore, you'll need the support of your teammates if you want to be able to score an ace so early on in the game.

Double Decimation

Rarest Tokens to Get In League Of Legends - Image 5

Let's go through one more ARAM related token to wrap this list up, shall we? Chances are that you might have gotten at least one pentakill in an ARAM game, right? But have you ever gotten two pentakills in the SAME match? If you haven't, then that's what you need to do if you want to acquire the Double Decimation token.

There are several factors that will need to be in your favor if you want to be able to get a double pentakill in an ARAM game. For starters, you need to roll a champion that you know how to play enough to get a pentakill with. Additionally, you also need to get a team that's good able to support you. Finally, the enemy team needs to rush you at the same time and also fall at around the same time. No wonder barely any player has this token 

What’s next?

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