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How to Be a Better Healer in Overwatch 2

How to Be a Better Healer in Overwatch 2

If you ask an Overwatch 2 player what their favorite role to play in the game was, nine out of ten of them would say DPS. However, what so many people don't realize is that the healer role is arguably the most important and impactful role in the game. After all, it's the role that keeps all the DPS and tank heroes alive.

There are several ways to be a better healer in Overwatch 2. However, it mostly revolves around one thing, which is practice. You should know your heroes, learn the importance of positioning, and communicate with your team as effectively as possible. Follow these tips and we guarantee you'll see an improvement in your skills as a healer.

If you've been looking for some tips and tricks to help you be a better healer in Overwatch 2 then you're at the perfect place.

#1: Know Your Heroes

Female warrior with futuristic armor and energy weapons

Each hero in Overwatch 2 comes equipped with unique abilities, playstyles, and roles within the team composition. As a healer, this intricate knowledge is your greatest asset. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your allies allows you to tailor your healing efforts to suit the specific needs of each teammate. 

Before anything, however, we highly recommend you know which support you should main. After all, you can't play well if the hero you're playing as is not compatible with your playstyle, right?

For instance, tanks typically boast larger health pools and serve as the frontline protectors, demanding sustained healing to endure the enemy's onslaught. Meanwhile, DPS heroes might require more burst healing during intense firefights or when contesting objectives.

Your role as a healer extends beyond mere bandaging of wounds; it's about enabling your team to shine in their specialized roles. By comprehending the capabilities of each hero, you can ensure that no one's potential is squandered due to a lack of support. A well-timed heal or damage boost can turn an average play into a game-changing moment.

To familiarize yourself with the diverse roster of heroes, consider spending time playing as different characters outside of your usual healing role. By gaining firsthand experience with various heroes, you'll develop empathy for your teammates' challenges and a deeper appreciation for the impact your healing can have on their performance.

#2: Learn the Importance of Positioning

Sci-fi characters engaging in a colorful urban battle

One of the most critical aspects of excelling as a healer in Overwatch 2 is mastering your positioning on the battlefield. As the lifeline of your team, finding the right balance between safety and support is paramount. Your positioning determines not only your ability to heal but also your chances of surviving and contributing to your team's success.

First and foremost, always prioritize your safety. As a healer, you become a high-priority target for the enemy team, as they know that taking you out can severely cripple your allies' ability to sustain themselves in the heat of battle. Therefore, avoid exposing yourself unnecessarily. Instead, look for cover or use the map's terrain to your advantage, allowing you to quickly duck behind walls or objects when under threat.

At the same time, it's equally vital to maintain close proximity to your teammates. Overwatch 2 is a team-based game, and your healing abilities are only effective when they can reach those in need. 

Straying too far from your team, especially when they are engaging in team fights, can render your efforts futile. Remember that being a healer is not about getting eliminations but rather about supporting your team, so you need to be in range to fulfill that role.

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#3: Communication is Key

Futuristic robot warrior under a blue moonlit sky


As a healer, you have a unique perspective on the battlefield, situated between the frontline action and the backline safety. Harnessing this perspective and actively engaging in communication with your teammates can elevate your healing capabilities to new heights. 

Being a healer, you serve as the eyes and ears of your team, often noticing enemy movements and potential threats before others. 

Take the initiative to call out any important information that could affect the team's positioning or decision making. If an enemy flanker is lurking in the shadows, communicate their presence to your teammates. As a prime target for the enemy, you must make your teammates aware when you're under attack or if you're at risk of being eliminated.

Moreover, as a healer, you have a front-row seat to your teammates' health statuses. Call out when your teammates are low on health and need urgent healing. Timely communication can mean the difference between life and death for your allies, ensuring they remain in the fight and continue contributing to the team's efforts.

#4: Practice, Practice, Practice

Screen displaying finding game interface with options for practice range, skirmish, deathmatch, and custom games

Becoming a better healer in Overwatch 2 is a journey of constant growth and learning. It's essential to approach the process with a growth mindset, acknowledging that improvement comes from dedication, practice, and a willingness to adapt. One of the most effective ways to progress as a healer is to review your gameplay regularly. 

Analyze your matches, paying attention to both successful moments and areas where you struggled. Identifying your strengths and weaknesses will help you focus your efforts on specific aspects that require improvement.

In addition to individual practice, consider queuing up with friends or finding a regular group of players to team up with. Team synergy is essential in Overwatch 2, and playing with a coordinated group allows you to develop a better understanding of your teammates' playstyles and needs.

If you're struggling with finding some good partners to play with then there's always the option to hire a professional level player from Eloking to give you a hand.


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