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Overwatch 2: Blizzcon 2023 Announces New Hero - Mauga

Overwatch 2: Blizzcon 2023 Announces New Hero - Mauga

All the hype leading up to Blizzcon 2023 has paid off. As if a LE SSERAFIM collab wasn't enough, Blizzcon brought the crowd to its heels with some exciting new revelations. Including the announcement of not just new modes but a whole new addition to the Overwatch hero roster.

Meet Mauga, a Samoan tank brawler - who bashes through the frontlines with his explosive chainguns. With a dual-wield fire paired with a tenacious Samoan drive, Mauga is a force to be reckoned with. That being said, Mauga is not just a battering ram. He is described as a cunning technician whose move set allows much space for experimentation.

So setting all other Blizzcon affairs aside, let us take a deeper look at this giga-chad of a new hero.

Mauga: The Unstoppable Tank

Animated character firing a weapon with intense expression

This Samoan warrior is known for his bulldozing personality. While he might be perceived as a dumb brute, Mauga actually possesses quite an intellectual mindset. As mentioned before, his technical expertise allows him to adopt new creative ways of fighting, which is reflected in his kit.

While Mauga likes to roll with a friendly demeanor, rallying people by his side as he goes - it is only one side of the coin. In the shadows of his vibrant persona lies a demon waiting to come out. When things get dire, Mauga does not hesitate to terrorize the battlefield with a merciless onslaught. 

Baptiste, his partner in many Talon operations even considered him to be a sociopath and a sadist. But enough about who Mauga is, let's look at what Mauga does. 

Kit and Gameplay

Mauga menaces around the map with his two best friends named "Gunny" and "Cha Cha". While Gunny can line up the whole dance floor with its igniting shots, Cha Cha can murk the targets with its fierce critical hits. These two beast guns are the bread and butter for Mauga as they combine his thick skin with a high DPS - making him an absolute threat.

Player using an incendiary chaingun in a video game battle

On top of that, Mauga's berserker passive grants him temporary health every time he hits enemies with critical hits, making this beast even harder to slay. Below we'll illustrate all of Mauga's abilities:



Primary Fire: Incendiary Chaingun Taking damage from this gun ignites the enemies leaving them vulnerable for bonus damage. 
Secondary Fire: Volatile Chaingun This gun critically strikes enemies who are already ignited, dealing sweet bonus damage.
LShift: Overrun  This unstoppable charge makes you immune to Crowd Control - raming down enemy defenses.
E: Cardiac Overdrive  Turn into a hyper-tanky form, gaining life by dealing damage. This effect is extended to allies as well.
Ultimate: Cage Fight  Chains erupt from Mauga, locking down enemies in a certain radius, and trapping them with you inside the barrier. This also gives you infinite ammunition to cull down your enemies.
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When Will Mauga Be Released?

Mauga is set to be released officially in Season 8, on December 5. With still a month left for Mauga to join the roster, fans need not be sad. Blizzcon announced a trial week for the hero starting right on Sunday, November 5. This gives you a chance to enjoy Mauga's explosive playstyle throughout the week. This will also allow developers to get productive feedback on the hero and better prep them for the official release.

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