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League of Legends Hardest Titles to Unlock

League of Legends Hardest Titles to Unlock

There are a bunch of titles players can unlock by completing challenges in League of Legends. However, while some of them are pretty easy to get and most players unlock them by simply playing the game for a while, the others require you to be really good at it and can take hours of dedicated time.

Now, although some titles can be easier to unlock than others, we'll be going through those that might be difficult in general. For example, The Unforgiven, which requires you to get a pentakill with Yasuo, Grandmaster, which is only given to the top 0.08% of players at the end of the season, and Can't Touch This, which requires you to finish a game of ARAM without dying even once.

Below you'll find information on not only the most difficult titles to unlock in League of Legends (ranked in no particular order) but also tips that might help you unlock them. We aren't including the ARAM God title since it's so hard it deserves its own guide.

#1: The Unforgiven

League of Legends Hardest Titles to Unlock - Image 1

The first title on this list is one that might either be really easy for you, so much so that you might have already unlocked it naturally, or really difficult. This is because it requires you to get a pentakill.

Of course, if that had been the only requirement it wouldn't have been too much of a problem since a bunch of players have probably gotten at least one pentakill in their League careers. However, the reason this title has made it on this list is that you have to be playing Yasuo when you get the pentakill.

As you can imagine, if you're a player who mains Yasuo, or at least knows how to play the champion, then you should be able to get the pentakill by either playing really well or coordinating with your teammates. However, if you either don't play Yasuo or don't play middle lane at all, then you might be in a bit of a pickle. 

In this scenario, we'd recommend having a booster from Eloking play some kills with your account and asking them to play only Yasuo. Although this won't guarantee you get the title, it will definitely increase the chances by a lot.

#2: Grandmaster

While there are a bunch of titles that ask you to either be at a specific rank or a specific place on the leaderboards, we believe Grandmaster is by far the most difficult to unlock. This is because this title asks for you to be in the top 0.08% of your entire region.

Now, if you play in a highly populated server like NA or WEU, then the chances of you unlocking this title is close to zero if you aren't insanely talented. The reason we say this is that more players playing means more competition you have to deal with.

Therefore, we recommend that if you do go for this title, you do so in a server that isn't as populated since then you'll have to get past fewer players. Hire a professional teammate from Eloking on top of this, and the title might not be all that impossible to unlock.

#3: Can't Touch This

League of Legends Hardest Titles to Unlock - Image 2

Can't Touch This is another League of Legends title that might either be really quick and easy for you or extremely difficult. To unlock this title, you have to go through an entire game of ARAM without dying even once.

If you've played ARAM before, then chances are you already know why this title is so hard to get. The ARAM mode basically incentivizes dying, as it's the only way for players to use their accumulated gold to buy items and get stronger. Take out the option to die even once, and you'll spend the entire match underpowered.

Now, there are a couple of ways you can unlock this title. Of course, the first way would have to be you starting an ARAM match and the enemy team surrendering almost immediately, but that isn't happening unless you have some insanely high luck. The second option, however, might be a little more doable.

If you go in an ARAM match with a full squad of players you can trust, and you get a support player like Yuumi who can make a difference with their skills without having to buy items, then you can theoretically complete (and win) an ARAM match without dying. All you have to do is support your teammates as they carry you to victory (hopefully without you dying.)

#4: Let's Make This Quick

Do you know what the average time a League of Legends match lasts is? Between thirty and forty minutes, with some matches lasting even longer than this. However, if you want the Let's Make This Quick title, then you'll have to finish and win a match in a mere 15 minutes.

Now, if it had just been winning the match in 15 minutes then you might have gotten the title by simply having the enemy team surrender. Unfortunately, you'll have to win by destroying the enemy team's nexus in 15 minutes otherwise you won't be getting the title.

If you want this title then you NEED some good teammates on your team otherwise getting it will remain a fleeting dream. We suggest looking into how our teammate system works to get a better idea of how you can get some professional level teammates on your team to help you unlock this title.

Finally, if possible, it might be a good idea to try and unlock this title in a low rank since if you're playing against high level enemies, then chances are the match will be dragging on for a while. If you get lucky and match up against a bot lobby with your friends then you should be able to destroy their nexus in under 15 minutes too.

What’s next?

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